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Subworkflow links to wrong bucket location

mshandmshand Member, Broadie, Dev ✭✭✭

I've been using the subworkflow information that got added recently (thank you so much!) on the monitor page. When you click on a task link in a subworkflow it takes you to a nonexistent bucket directory. The problem is an added "shard-0" in the file path that shouldn't be there. This is the link (the one in purple):

And clicking it brings you to a directory:
/fc-8706fd18-49ab-45c2-9834-2916813fc1f0/ac87e5f3-444a-4cc6-b3a5-dbabce0d7313/MixMTBams/0b366147-4d9e-4573-bd02-1a199d31582f/call-CallNA12878/shard-0/AlignMDAndHC/283c1cf1-b1c6-4a75-8566-122bbad4eeae/call-AlignMT/ which doesn't exist.

/fc-8706fd18-49ab-45c2-9834-2916813fc1f0/ac87e5f3-444a-4cc6-b3a5-dbabce0d7313/MixMTBams/0b366147-4d9e-4573-bd02-1a199d31582f/call-CallNA12878/AlignMDAndHC/283c1cf1-b1c6-4a75-8566-122bbad4eeae/call-AlignMT/ is the correct location.

This is only happening for subworkflows.

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