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Novice to FireCloud & BioInformatics

Hi Guys,

Im new to the world of sequencing and have started using the Oxford nanopore Tech MinION in my lab. I have managed to do RNAseq and WGS using it and got as far as using terminal to get Bam/Sam files to import into StrandNGS for heat maps, read alignment and coverage.

I want to start looking for CNVs. Im working with CRISPR to knock out gene families in yeast. I want to look to see if there is increased chromosomal copy numbers and was wondering can I use FireCloud?

I've signed up for an account and seem to have free credits. But when I try to upload Bam files they fail. Im not given any error. The window just reverts back to the upload window.

Any help would be great. Especially if i can look to see if there is increase in chromosomal copy numbers.




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