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TCGA access: eRA sign in requires parsing token

jeffmengjeffmeng BroadMember, Broadie

Hi FireCloud team,

I used to be able to use my NIH-EXT login credentials to get TCGA access on the iTrust page at auth.nih.gov. Somehow now I'm stuck on the same page when I log in. Not sure why but it could be that my NIH-EXT account is no longer synchronized with my eRA account (That's an error message I got when I went to public.era.nih.gov/commons.)

Then, instead of NIH-EXT, I tried to use my eRA login on the iTrust page. I was taken to https://shibboleth.dsde-prod.broadinstitute.org/, and the page said "To authenticate, visit: /link-nih-account." I click on the hyperlink and I'm taken to a page that says "Parse the token in this URL to verify username." What should I do with the token?


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