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seeking a full enumeration of workflow submission states

mnoblemnoble Broad Institute of MIT & HarvardMember, Broadie

What is the set of possible states returned by the listSubmissions API ? To date we've observed that the workflowStatuses field can have these values


but surmise there are probably more, such as 'Submitted' and 'Queued' ... it would be nice to see the full set documented right in the Swagger pages, but in the meantime can they be enumerated here? Thanks!

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  • KateNKateN Cambridge, MAMember, Broadie, Moderator admin

    Thanks for your question! I'm looking into this right now and I'll be back with an answer soon. For now, I found this list which doesn't seem to be exhaustive since it doesn't include some of the statuses you mentioned above.

  • mnoblemnoble Broad Institute of MIT & HarvardMember, Broadie

    Thank you, Kate! The NotRun was apparently a default value in our downstream script, my apologies for introducing a spurious datum.

  • Tiffany_at_BroadTiffany_at_Broad Cambridge, MAMember, Administrator, Broadie, Moderator admin

    You can also check out the diagram on this page to see how the statuses work:

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