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Questions about [email protected]'s GCP billing role

I have 2 questions about [email protected]'s GCP billing role:

(1) This FireCloud article (My billing account isn't showing up or has an error message) says [email protected] should be a "Billing Administrator" or "Billing Account User." However, this FireCloud article (Set up a Google Billing Account (non-Broad users)), says [email protected] should (just) be a "Billing Account User." Additionally, when creating a new billing project in FireCloud (following the FireCloud article (Create a new FireCloud Billing Project)) at, it says [email protected] should just be a "Billing Administrator." Can you please clarify which GCP billing role(s) for [email protected] are required? (I ask because I'm working with my institution's IT department and they said they cannot add [email protected] a "Billing Administrator" role.)

(2) The FireCloud article (Set up a Google Billing Account (non-Broad users), says "Once you have created your FireCloud Billing Project, you can remove the FireCloud Billing Account User from your account." Just to clarify, [email protected] is only needed for setting up a billing project -- [email protected]'s permissions in GCP can be removed after setup?

Thank you!

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