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All Out of Credits - Error?

jasongallant1jasongallant1 East Lansing, MIMember

Well, all good things come to an end. My heavy experimentation with FC dwindled my credits in less than a week (oops!)

This happened in the middle of a run, which caused everything to error out. After transitioning my free project to my own billing information, I restarted successfully (thanks, call caching).

One thing I've noticed is that about 50% of the jobs are failing due to a AccessDeniedException 403. I'm wondering why this might be? Once the full array of jobs completes, I'm hoping to rerun and salvage these (nearly complete) runs leveraging call caching.

I'm a bit unclear as to why half seem to have no problem, and the others not. I'm wondering if it has to due with how quickly I restarted my jobs compared to when I transitioned my billing? Is it possible that it takes some time to propagate changes, and the queued jobs saw the billing change and the earliest running jobs didn't?

Thanks for any insights!



  • KateNKateN Cambridge, MAMember, Broadie, Moderator admin

    Well I'm glad to hear you found the free credits useful to get you started! I'll pass that on to the people who worked on it, I'm sure they'll be happy to hear.

    With regards to your error, where exactly are you seeing this AccessDeniedException 403? If there is a full error message that isn't several pages long, it'd be helpful to see it copied here. If it is several pages long, (which I don't think would be the case for a 403) there are other ways of sharing the error message that I can ask for.

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