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Scatter jobs don't run

ruslanafrazerruslanafrazer Member, Broadie
edited February 2018 in Ask the FireCloud Team

I'm not sure if this is a scatter problem or just a general FireCloud issue.
Some of my jobs in the scatter job fail almost immediately with the following error message:

Task MsMutect_Workflow.align_and_create_hist:3:1 failed. The job was stopped before the command finished. PAPI error code 10. Message: 15: Gsutil failed: failed to upload logs for "gs://fc-314c2372-6d87-424e-8507-8d9887508251/952d159e-2a1c-4a04-8f8d-0da7d0841784/MsMutect_Workflow/641b1b57-3ed7-420b-a0be-6e3a55db47d9/call-align_and_create_hist/shard-3/": cp failed: gsutil -h Content-type:text/plain -q -m cp /var/log/google-genomics/*.log gs://fc-314c2372-6d87-424e-8507-8d9887508251/952d159e-2a1c-4a04-8f8d-0da7d0841784/MsMutect_Workflow/641b1b57-3ed7-420b-a0be-6e3a55db47d9/call-align_and_create_hist/shard-3/, command start failed:

Other jobs are just stuck in the "running" state without even creating logs.

Help, please!

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