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Issues with uploading

samcsamc Member, Broadie

Is there a lag time between when a service account is registered with firecloud, added to the FireCloud workspace and when the service account can beging adding files to the bucket associated with the workspace?

I have a FireCloud workspace with bucket. I need to transfer a large file from a non FireCloud bucket to the FireCloud bucket. I created a vm. Registered the json keys for the default compute engine service account([email protected]) with FireCloud. Added the service account to a group that has write access on the FireCloud workspace.

The following command is issued
gsutil -o GSUtil:parallel_composite_upload_threshold=300M cp gs://raw_data_bipolar/bipola
r_wes_Dalio_UK_IRE_W1_W2_W3_NL_GER_USA_W1/Dalio_BP_Control_Exomes_Jordan_Smoller.vcf.bgz gs://fc-2d0564c6-5547-4542

The error message received is
AccessDeniedException: 403 Insufficient OAuth2 scope to perform this operation.
Acceptable scopes: https://www.googleapis.com/auth/cloud-platform

Could there be a lag time for when permissions are applied?


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