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Can't register for Firecloud

I tried to make a FireCloud account

But it wouldn't let me login - I have seen this happen before with the ORSP portal. And they told me that it just doesn't work with Chrome on a PC. I guess this is still a problem - and probably with both portals?

But now I'm trying on IE on my PC, and it won't even let me get to the login screen - it just hangs on 'Loading Firecloud'.

Any ideas?


  • KateNKateN Cambridge, MAMember, Broadie, Moderator admin

    Apologies for the delay, are you still seeing this issue? I have personally created an account using Chrome on a Windows machine, so it may be an issue with cookies. Try clearing your cookies and if it still doesn't work, let me know.

  • mbemismbemis Cambridge, MAMember, Broadie ✭✭

    Chrome is a FireCloud supported browser, so it should work if you're on a fairly recent version. We don't support IE, however. Do you happen to have third party cookies disabled in Chrome? Blocking third party cookies will prevent you from being able to log in to FireCloud.

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