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Are there working examples of a WDL that import a WDL from a URL ?

ChipChip 415M 4053Member, Broadie

Somewhat inspired by the 15 November announcement that FireCloud's Method Repository now supports WDLs with HTTP imports referencing the URL of other public methods in the FC repository, I attempted to make such a WDL:

import "https://github.com/broadinstitute/cromwell/blob/master/engine/src/main/resources/3step.wdl" as http_import2
workflow test_workflow {
File in_file
call http_import2.wc {
in_file = in_file
output {

but this failed to validate with messages:

$ java -jar /opt/fdt/localbin/wdltool.jar validate test.wdl
Failed to import workflow https://github.com/broadinstitute/cromwell/blob/master/engine/src/main/resources/3step.wdl.:
File not found /opt/vcfs2maf/tasks/M1M2_Strelka_Snowman_SvABA_consensus_filter/https:/github.com/broadinstitute/cromwell/blob/master/engine/src/main/resources/3step.wdl

The page at https://github.com/broadinstitute/cromwell/blob/master/engine/src/main/resources/3step.wdl
seems to be fine (exists now and created 16 months ago) so wdltool.jar (my VM was updated circa today as was cromwell version 29) is probably choking on some syntax problem in my test.wdl. Is there an example WDL using import?


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