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[OUTPUT] Invalid output expression: this.WXS_Mutation_M1

Hi Firecloud team,

The workflow has been done. But, the output data is not able to add into the entity attributes. Previously, this WDL always worked well on FC, but no this time. Please help me to figure it out. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you so much!

The ERROR message:
Invalid output expression: this.WXS_Mutation_M1
Invalid output expression: this.nozzleReport
Invalid output expression: this.VEP_Output
Invalid output expression: this.oncotator_log
Invalid output expression: this.nozzleRData
Invalid output expression: this.VEP_Report
Invalid output expression: this.WXS_Mutation_M2

workspace: nci-cbao-bi-org/BN10_WGS_Chunyang_Analysis
submit ID: 6d88d39b-6fa8-475a-9e1e-888842e56e8e



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