Workspace List

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After you log on to FireCloud, any workspaces you have access to will display in the Workspace List under three tabs:

  1. My Workspaces - workspaces that are directly shared with you or with a group you are in.
  2. Public Workspaces - workspaces that are for public use. TCGA, CPTAC, and old tutorial workspaces can be found here.
  3. Featured Workspaces - the Broad team uses this section to highlight workshop and tutorial workspaces loaded with popular method configurations.

There is a search box that filters through all tabs for workspaces that match your criteria. Below that you can search for workspace tags or filter on the latest analysis submission status, whether the workspace is published in the Data Library, or is the source workspace for TCGA controlled or open access data.

Your filtering and sorting of the Workspace list is saved. If you navigate somewhere else in FireCloud or log out, your custom view will be there when you return.

Finally, to enter a workspace, click on its name (e.g., my_workspace).

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