quick questions about deleting a workspace (and related bucket questions)

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Several quick questions about deleting a workspace.

1) If I delete a workspace I own, then does the workspace bucket also get deleted?

2) How do I know that the bucket is deleted? For example I deleted a workspace with ID fc-6c731e3e-3c48-4077-85bc-e041579064e1 and then tried to list that bucket's contents but got a permission error. Does the message below indicate that the bucket has been successfully deleted? I'm concerned mainly so that storage costs for the bucket contents don't have to be paid anymore!

wm8b1-75c:liftOver esalinas$ gsutil ls gs://fc-6c731e3e-3c48-4077-85bc-e041579064e1
AccessDeniedException: 403 [email protected] does not have storage.objects.list access to bucket fc-6c731e3e-3c48-4077-85bc-e041579064e1.
wm8b1-75c:liftOver esalinas$ 

3) is there a definitive way to tell if a bucket is deleted?

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