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(howto) Set up billing

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FireCloud runs on the Google Cloud Platform. All FireCloud costs, including storage, compute, and data egress, are ultimately billed via Google Billing Accounts. In order to be compatible with multiple cloud environments, institutional payment systems, and security requirements, the FireCloud interface does not directly display the Google Developers Console Billing interface.

Instead, FireCloud will connect a Google Billing Account to an associated FireCloud Billing Project. When using FireCloud, it is these FireCloud Billing Projects that you will see in the interface, and to which FireCloud will charge your usage costs.

In order to create or clone a new workspace in FireCloud, you must have access to at least one FireCloud Billing Project. Google Projects created outside of FireCloud by users are not permitted on FireCloud.

Getting Started

There are two ways you can gain access to a FireCloud Billing Project.

  • The Owner of an existing FireCloud Billing Project can authorize you to use his or her FireCloud Billing Project. Billing Project Owners should refer to Adding Users to a FireCloud Billing Project for instructions.
  • Set up a Google Billing Account following the process below.

Set up

In a nutshell, if you're a Broadie, there's a Broad-specific process; if not, there are a couple of different options detailed here.

Here's a clickable process flow diagram that shows the relevant paths and how to articles from the initial set up through to adding a team to the resulting FireCloud billing project :

If you can't see the diagram, click here.

Once billing is set up, you can start creating workspaces and get to work!

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