failed. JES error code 2. Message: Gaia unavailable

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I have a task that failed with an error I've never seen before: Gaia unavailable

Inside the operations, I see

wm8b1-75c:~ esalinas$ gcloud alpha genomics operations describe operations/ENjyrcvsKxjUwKia79Kw_r8BIPCeybKCFioPcHJvZHVjdGlvblF1ZXVl --format json|head
  "done": true,
  "error": {
    "code": 2,
    "message": "Gaia unavailable"
  "metadata": {
    "@type": "",
    "clientId": "",
    "createTime": "2017-09-28T16:56:57Z",
wm8b1-75c:~ esalinas$ 

Is this issue originating in JES? Is it a JES bug? Does anyone know the significance of this? What is GAIA?

The first submission I've seen it is here :

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