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Release Notes: September 2017

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September 26, 2017

New Features

  • Featured Workspaces: The Workspaces page has a new tab, "Featured Workspaces," where the Firecloud Communications Team will highlight workshop workspaces and tutorial workspaces loaded with popular method configurations.


  • Methods Repository: FireCloud now validates your WDL when using the "Edit..." functionality on a method.
  • Methods Repository: Method configuration detail pages in the Repository now show their inputs and outputs. The method configuration edit page (inside a workspace) has also been updated to use this new design.

Bug Fixes

  • Data Library: Users need the ability to unpublish a workspace from the Data Library before they are allowed to delete it. This bug fix prevents workspace owners who do not have "catalog" permissions from deleting a published workspace.
  • APIs: Fixed a bug where calling GET submission/outputs in the FireCloud Swagger gave an error.

September 18, 2017


  • When a method configuration in a workspace references a redacted method snapshot, you are now able to select and delete that method configuration. Alternatively, you can select a new method snapshot that is not redacted to use with the configuration.
  • When resizing table columns, you used to be able to simply drag and make the column bigger or smaller, which would shift all the columns to the right. You can now SHIFT-drag to make the new space come from/go to the next column as well.

Bug Fixes

  • Authorization Domains are now truly optional. Before they were optional to set in the UI, but API calls still needed to set an Authorization Domain (even if it was nothing). Now you do not need to change your API calls to set an Authorization Domain at all.
  • The get single method API endpoint (GET /api/methods) has a query parameter called onlyPayload that is supposed to toggle the behavior of only returning the WDL payload for the requested method. This was broken and now is fixed.

September 7, 2017

New Features

  • There is a new GET /api/method/definitions endpoint in the Methods Repository that lists all unique methods. For each, it will return:

    • the namespace/name
    • a synopsis from the most recent snapshot of the method
    • a list of all owners from all snapshots
    • public=true if any snapshot has public=true
    • a count of the configurations that point to any of the method's snapshots
    • a count of the methods snapshots
  • There is a second new GET /api/methods/{namespace}/{name}/configurations endpoint which, given a method's namespace/name, will return all configurations in the repository that reference that method.

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