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Tasks listed as Running/Submitted aren't running

dheimandheiman Member, Broadie ✭✭

Workspace nci-mnoble-bi-org/dev
(already shared with [email protected]) lists 4 Running and Submitted workflows in the Summary tab.

In the Monitor tab, there are only two Method Configs with Status: Submitted (link1, link2), both Methylation_Clustering_CNMF, and drilling into them they are both stalled on a task that should only take a few minutes, and which should emit a warning to stderr on execution.

However the stderr is empty, which seems to indicate that the task was never started.

There are multiple successful examples of Methylation_Clustering_CNMF in the same workspace for comparison.

If there is a way to get these moving again, or at least correct their status, that would be great.

Also, why is the Summary reporting 4 Running/Submitted workflows while Monitor only reports 2 - did two of the aborted workflows not really abort?



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