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[PoN] What kind of data is in the PoN named "final_summed_tokens.hist.bin"

Could you please to let me know more details about the PoN named "final_summed_tokens.hist.bin". e.g. How many WGS/WES samples? How many CNA/mutatoin samples? Thanks a lot!



Best Answer


  • cbaocbao Member, Broadie

    Or can I use this PoN for calling mutation and/or CNA in my WGS analysis?

  • cbaocbao Member, Broadie

    @esalinas said:
    @cbao The (gs://firecloud-tcga-dcc-closed-access/reference/PoNs/final_summed_tokens.hist.bin) file is from coverage and frequency-related data....from Normals only. From about 8300 TCGA normals. It is for the MAF-pon filter.

    Thank you very much!

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