Possible to revert Reduced Bam file?

shingwanshingwan Posts: 17Member

Hi, we have been using GATK for quite a while now and we love how the reduceRead process helps us to reduce the file size of the bam file for better downstream analysis. The size reduction makes our server administrator really happy and it seems like a good idea to store the reduced bam file instead of the original file considering most of the required information should still be presented within the bam file. However, is there anyway for us to revert the reduced bam file back to the original bam file? That will be extremely helpful as the storage space is usually limited on the server


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  • shingwanshingwan Posts: 17Member

    Thank you for that, although it will be a nice feature to add in later on, considering that the amount of data we've got is increasing each day and data storage start becoming a problem. Thank you

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