LiftoverVariants fails to update the header

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When running the LiftoverVariants command, the resulting VCF header has the old contig names (ex. b37 to hg19, chromosome one's name is still "1" rather than "chr1"). This only affects the header, while the variants themselves are successfully changed. I am running "2013.1-2.4.9-3-g512dc3e". The command I used is shown below: <gatk> -R <human_g1k_v37>.fasta -T LiftoverVariants -V <in>.vcf -dict <hg19>.dict -o <out>.vcf -chain <b37tohg19>.chain

Thanks for your help!

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    Hey Nils,

    LiftoverVariants is intended to be the first of 2 processing steps for the liftover; the second step is FilterLiftedVariants. In fact, LiftoverVariants is not guaranteed to produce a valid VCF file (which is alluded to in the documentation but I will go ahead and make it much more clear). If you run FilterLiftedVariants on the output of LiftoverVariants you'll see that the contig names in the header have all been correctly replaced.

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