read filter for FLAG 0x2 in BAM file

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Hi, I would like to perform base quality score recalibration on only the reads that have the "properly aligned" bit (0x2) set in the FLAG column of the SAM format. Ideally, I would like to use the --read_filter argument. Below is some code that does this to my satisfaction with the PrintReads walker of GATK 2 lite. However, GATK 2 lite does not support base quality score recalibration table creation. Is there any way someone could add the code to the GATK 2 full version?

I am not sure why, but the code seems to only work with the System.out.println() line.

Thanks, Winni

/* * code written by Kiran Garimella */

package org.broadinstitute.sting.gatk.filters;

import net.sf.samtools.SAMRecord;

public class ProperPairFilter extends ReadFilter { @Override public boolean filterOut(SAMRecord samRecord) { System.out.println(samRecord.getProperPairFlag()); return !samRecord.getProperPairFlag(); } }


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