Triggering genotype calls at HapMap sites

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I would like to trigger calls at HapMap sites even if they are HOM_REF in my sample. I used to accomplish this in an older GATK version with the following parameter passed to the UnifiedGenotyper: -B:trigger,VCF hapmap.vcf Right now I am using version 1.6 of the GATK. How could I accomplish exactly the same with this new version?

What I am trying to do (when doing VariantEval on the detected SNPs) is to obtain GenotypeConcordance for all: HETs, HOM_REFs, and HOM_VAR. Currently I only get the concordance values for HETs and HOM_VAR on the VariantEval output. Asked in a different way, how could I get the 'n_true_HOM_REF_called_*' fields populated in the VariantEval?

Thanks for your help, Gene

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