"Raw" VCF FILTER field, previous GATK builds vs Current

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Hello, Did the UnifiedGenotyper of previous builds use to place "PASS" in the filter fields of vcf files? I have re-ran some data using current best practices, including the HaplotypeCaller. My first snps.indels.raw.vcf file has all . in the FILTER field, which I remember was not a good thing. Im compared the vcf produced at this step with my previous UnifiedGenotyper counterpart and the FILTER field was populated with "PASS". I am bit concerned that is there were no PASS then no LowQual filter applied by the caller either.

Besides using HaplotypeCaller, the only other argument I had changed was returning the -stand_emit_conf to the default. Is this perhaps the root of my concern? Does having both stand_call_conf and stand_emit_conf at defaults ie. equal not apply any FILTER?

Thank you.

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    The behavior should not have changed. "." in the filter field is not bad (it means that no filtering was applied). Please see the VCF spec for more information.

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    Understood. I guess Im just curious how I applied a filter previously when running UnifiedGenotyper for the first time. I apologize if this is a bit frivolous, but its driving me a bit crazy.

    My current vcf header has ##FILTER=<ID=LowQual,Description="Low quality">, but I do not see any LowQual or PASS, so I am inclined to believe this was not applied (as you suggested) and I would like to change that, especially if it can be applied automatically during initial variant calling (before I apply other hard filters). I will have to change my -stand_emit_conf again. Im guessing that is applied to the QUAL? Thank you.

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